The company has been awarded an EXIM bank fund project of "LPG Bottling Plant and Bitumen Storage facility" to be executed on EPC basis, at Beira, Mozambique.      The company has been awarded the prestigious project of "MHNRD Phase III Pipeline Project" of ONGCL in consortium with M/s Valentine Maritime Limited, Abu Dhabi to be executed on EPC basis at Mumbai High.     The company has appointed Mr. Mahabala Gopala Karkera as Chief Executive Officer w.e.f 01st October 2014.       

Procurement Facilities

The procurement activities involves obtaining competitive offers, coordination with Design & engineering agency for technical evaluation, commercial evaluation and finalization of vendors, review of vendor drawings / QAP, arranging inspection by Third Party Inspection Agency, coordination with Certification Agency, follow-up for timely deliveries, transportation by road / sea / air, port handling, custom clearance etc.

The procurement assistance was provided by Design & Engineering subcontractor which included issue of Material Requisition / MTOs, Technical review of offers, Preparation of Purchase Specification, Review of vendor drawings etc.

The Procurement involved various items such as :

Features Description
Structural: Plates, Sections like Beams / Angles / Channels, Chequered Plates, Pipes, Monorail for Material Handling Facility
Rotating: Crude Transfer Pumps, Sump Pump Equipment
Piping: Choke Valves, Breather Valves, Spray Nozzles, Strainers, Hinged Closures, Scrapper Tee, Hoses and Hose Connections etc.
Piping Specialties: Choke Valves, Breather Valves, Spray Nozzles, Strainers
E&I Tagged Items: Shutdown Valves, Control Valves, , Orifice Plates, Pressure Gauges, DP Gauges, Pressure Switches, Safety Relief Valves, Transmitters, Pneumatic Indicating Controller, Shutdown Panel,Solar Power System, Fire & Gas Detection System, P.D. Meters, Flame Arrestor, Switchgear Modifications, Battery & Battery Charger for D.C. Lighting System
E&I Items: Cables(HT / LT), Cable Glands, Junction Boxes, Cable Trays, MCTs, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Poles, Fusible Plugs, Air Filter Regulator, Instrument Tubing / Tube Fittings and Valves etc
Misc. Items: Material Handling Facility (Chain Pulley Block,Monorail), Modifications of H.P. Separator & L.P. Separator and verification by ASME, Internal Glass Flake Lining of H.P. Separator.